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Akbar Imhotep
Storyteller & Puppeteer
of Stories, Puppets & More
Website: www.akbarstories.com
Email: akbar@akbarstories.com
Phone: 404-468-3392
YouTube: youtube.com/atlstoryteller

Artist History
Akbar began his artistic career in 1977 as an actor with the Proposition theatre Company. He 1979, he was introduced to puppetry at the Center for Puppetry Arts. After a six-year residence at the Center, he launched his solo career, traveling around the city with his colorfully draped suitcases filled with magic, wonder and excitement.

Artist Mission
Sharing stories by bringing them to life with puppets, props, voices and theatrics.

Program Objectives
To present stories in a lively and interactive manner
To magnify the joy of reading and listening.
To supp ort and help to achieve curriculum goals
To reinforce the values of teamwork and problem-solving

Available Programs

Folktales From Around the World
African Tales of Wisdom
The Little Hare and Other Stories
ML King Born To Do Great Things

African Folktales//Tales for Today
World Folktales//American Tales
Original Stories

Making Simple Rod Puppets
Low Tech Festival Puppets
Concept To Performance Residencies

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