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Brenda Griffin aka Queen StorytellerBrenda Griffin
aka Queen Storyteller

Email: mail: grffnbrenda@aol.com
Phone: 404-344-6403

Brenda Griffin, (aka Queen Storyteller), has her own distinctive style of storytelling. She is said to be natural, witty, passionate, culturally informative yet uniquely “southern”.

The Atlanta Georgia native weaves a lifetime of stories gathered from family, community, travel, and the city's rich Civil-Right's legacy. Queen's natural rhythmic style entertains, educates, and enlightens audiences of all ages.

This newcomer to the professional storyteller world is a life-long storyteller. “Queen” has recently been established as a resident children’s storyteller at MEDU Bookstore, which has served the Atlanta community for twenty-six years.

Brenda Griffin aka Queen StorytellerCurrently “Queen” is a participant in Kuumba Storytellers of Atlanta's annual Mama Tales event. Additionally, her comedic character "The Church Lady" appears before church and civic groups, elementary schools, and family reunions.

Queen's ten years of employment as a Department of the Army Civilian afforded her the opportunity to travel and garner exposure to cultures around the world. Trips to Egypt, Turkey and Israel have heightened her desire to relay and create stories about the strength and power of the SPIRITS OF THE ANCESTORS for the next generation.

Retired from the Georgia Department of Rehabilitation Services, she worked with persons with physical and mental disabilities in the capacity of Senior Vocational Evaluator with students from the Atlanta Public School System.

Academically, she holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology from Spelman College, and a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from Atlanta University.

Enjoy and listen as stories from Bankhead to Buckhead, from Egypt to Eatonton, and from Georgia Sea Islands to Africa's Gore Island COME ALIVE!!

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