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Carsie Mason
aka Sister ButterflyCarsie Mason
aka Sister Butterfly

Email: Carsie0192@att.net
Phone: (404) 234-0383

Carsie’s roots began in a small town in South Georgia. Knowing that her purpose in life would not be fulfilled in that community, she relocated to Atlanta. Her life has taken many turns but is professionally and personally fulfilled by being a storyteller, freelance writer, and an Instructional Systems Design (ISD) writer. Being a writer has allowed her to write several training modules for a nationally known airline. These designs are used in both the domestic and international travel arena. Most importantly Carsie is a wife, mother, sister, and aunt.

Her success as a writer is attributed to being a graduate of South Georgia College and having certification in ISD from the University of Georgia. She passionately tells stories to both children and adults. Carsie is a member of Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia and a resident storyteller for Medu Bookstore. You can hear her divulge these stories by checking events on each of their websites. Carsie currently resides in Atlanta, GA and is grateful to the Most Holy One for giving her these talents.

Carsie Masonaka Sister Butterfly

Carsie Mason,
aka Sister Butterfly

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