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Storyteller Kenneth L. Green aka Mister KennyKenneth L. Green
aka Mister Kenny
Email: kgreen877@gmail.com
Phone: (404) 840-5777



Kenneth L. Green is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. Kenneth has been actively involved in theatrical productions for children since 1976. He became involved with puppetry during his employment at the Atlanta-Fulton Public Central Downtown Library. Kenneth volunteered his time working with the annual Library Summer Reading Puppet Show Committee (1996-2000) where he provided voices for the puppet show characters and helped with puppeteering when the Central Library performed their shows and gave similar assistance to the other AFPL branches. Being on staff in the Audio Visual Services Department at the Central Library, he provided audio visual support for the shows as needed.

Storyteller Kenneth L. Green aka Mister KennyAfter 32 years of employment, Kenneth retired from the Audio Visual Department and the Atlanta Public Library System in September 2008. He continued his passion for puppetry as a Fulton County performance vendor for schools, churches, daycare and senior centers as well as other metro Atlanta public libraries. Kenneth is a member of the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts. In August 2013, Kenneth was in the cast of LuvDrop Production’s a showcase of talent, entitled, "MY PEOPLE", based on poet’s Langston Hughes’ poem of the same name,
Which was at the West End Center For Performing Arts. He told the story of the "Lion and The Mouse" using puppets on stage.

Kenneth a.k.a. "MISTER KENNY" is owner/master puppeteer of his production company, "KENNY AND FRIENDS" which began in 2010. Kenneth is also a mascot actor. During his retirement, he volunteered his time for the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System to appear as the library’s good will ambassador mascot, "ROCKY THE READING RACCOON".

Kenneth’s other mascot appearances have been as, "IMAIT BEAR" a creation of children’s book author, Debra Nettles Woodard ("IAMIT BRINGS UNITY TO AMERICA"); "CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG" for the Georgia Public Television Broadcasting Network (GPTV) and his own mascot creation since 2012, "Pe-Tay the Penguin".

Kenneth incorporates puppetry with stories as a member of the Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia, where he serves on the program committee. Kenneth has performed and volunteered his time for some of Kuumba’s programs such as the May 2014 "MAMA TALES" and the September 2014 Family storytelling event. He performed stories during the March 2015 S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) EXPO at the Coweta County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall in Newnan, Georgia along with other Kuumba Storytellers and the Southern Crescent Storytellers of Georgia.

Kenneth is a director and playwright of seasonal theatrical productions for children/youth.

Contact information:
kgreen877@gmail.com and (404) 840-5777

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