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Christine B. Arinze-Samuel
aka Sistah Olufemi

Phone: (404) 735-3775



Gloria ElderSistah Olufemi -- Christine B. Arinze-Samuel, considers herself to be a natural "Storyteller." She specializes in telling the Story of "The Secrets of the Quilts…on The Underground Railroad as Harriet Tubman." Sistah Olufemi is a veteran Educator with thirty plus years of service, having taught every grade level and adult education as well. Her stories are tailored for the family.

As an Educator, Sistah Olufemi understands the importance of keeping the history of her culture in the forefront as a storyteller as well as the inclusiveness of all humanity. It is her desire to continue the Oral Tradition of storytelling and loving to tell stories that are meaningful, uplifting, thought provoking, informative and most of all stories that can be enjoyed by a genre of audiences.

As a published poet, she understands the rhythm, rhyme, and the power of words. Sistah Olufemi is Co-Chairperson of the initial inception of The Metropolitan Atlanta Kwanzaa Association (MAKA). She has performed for National Black Arts Festival (NBAF) and was a part of the first NBAF parade. Sistah Olufemi considers herself to be a Cultural Activist having been in the original group to help get the Hammonds House Museum organized at its inception. Her performances have been raved by many and she has performed in and out of the state.

For performances, please call: (404) 735-3775

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