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The History of Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia

In 1995, several local Atlanta storytellers decided to form an affiliate of the National Association of Black Storytellers right here in Atlanta after attending the National Festival for several years.

Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia was born.   Kuumba means "Creativity" in Swahili. The sixth day of Kwanzaa celebrates Kuumba, the ability we all have to put our imaginations to work, and use our creative energies and talents to build and maintain a strong and vibrant community. 

Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia is a group of professional storytellers who provide programs in schools, universities, festivals, museums, corporate and community events, and churches.  Our storytelling classes and workshops are available to teachers and anyone who would like to learn more about storytelling.  We offer educational programs that encourage children to read and help improve language skills through oral communication and self-expression.  We also offer professional development workshops on how to incorporate storytelling into your business. 

The mission of Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia is threefold:

  • To promote and perpetuate the educational, historical, and social value of the African-American oral tradition.

  • To provide information for members with an interest in the culture and history of African and African-American people through the practice, study and teaching of storytelling and aid in the growth and development of our members.

  • To serve as an effective resource for the community in both educational and performance setting.

Come discover storytelling with Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia.








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Alfred Mitchell
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